“A great art of contrasts”

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“On one side, the legendary trumpeter Wynton Marsalis and the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra, on the other, the reliable Anna Duczmal-Mróz and the Polish Amadeus Chamber Orchestra. Together they took over the UAM Concert Hall, proving that from classics to jazz there is a short way to go and good cooperation is also complementing each other.”

The first part of the concert was great, during which the orchestras presented the famous” Pictures from the exhibition “by Russian composer Modest Mussorgsky, performed not only by the richness of colors but also by the ingenious joint development of the Polish-American” big band “. The result was a lively dialogue in completely different, clearly contrasting languages, because when one miniature could put the listener in a pensive melancholy melody, carefully graded tension and suggestive play of the string section “Amadeus”, the second always marked the energetic hit of Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra in a classic style in the sixties, of course, in which the greatest role is played of, of course, wind instruments: the deafening “growl” of trombones or “jungle sound” trumpets with mufflers. The cherry on this magnificent cake was playing the last part of “Pictures”- monumental and the full splendor of the “Great Gate in Kiev.” It was, however, only the beginning of the feast. After a short break, the musicians moved the audience into completely different regions – much more appropriate for the elemental improvisations of individual members of the Marsalis orchestra. Their first announcement was the composition of “After You`ve Gone” from 1918. The Amadeus Chamber Orchestra played the leading role in it – played subtly, unobtrusively, but with the vigor so necessary in the case of this composition. American jazzmen’s performances began with the presentation of selected works by Duke Ellington. In the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra, they turned out to be a pretext for spectacular solos that met with exceptionally spontaneous reactions from the audience. “

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