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“… Anna Duczmal-Mróz really sensational conductor ….” … Polish conductor delightfully debuted with the BochumerSymphonikern at the end of the 12th Festival Kissinger Winterzauber … despite her young age (30) is amazingly ready and resolute conductor. She is technically flawless, she conducts very focused, precise, renounced any vague gestures and has a clear picture of how she wants to lead the orchestra. She really can lead the orchestra and doing it so discreetly that the musicians willing to follow her “…

(S.Prokofiev – Romeo & Juliette Suite) … “Anna Duczmal-Mróz perfectly builds tension and can maintain them, can achieve strong emotional contrasts, finds surprising turns, she does not focus on superficial effects, but earlier calms the tempo to strengthen the intensity …”

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